The world leader in wholesale MREs and combat rations

We offer bulk sales for NATO approved rations, custom MREs, expert consultation, brokering and logistics; anytime, anywhere.

MREmountain International - What we do

bulk MRE wholesale MREs meal ready to eat disaster relief united nations

MREmountain delivers the world of MREs to you!

We can source, broker and deliver almost any combat ration or MRE, anywhere in the world. We partner with producers, vendors and wholesale companies around the world to source whatever you need and deliver anywhere anytime. 

United Nations MRE meal ready to eat contractor bulk sales wholesale

Our clients include United Nations relief agencies and logistics contrators

We offer expert advice, sourcing, logistics, consulting, and bulk sales to support any operation. 

We serve the globe

We work directly with foreign militaries, defense contractors, Federal, State and Local governments, non-government relief agencies, and private companies.

Our products and service are over the top

bulk MREs meal ready to eat combat ration wholesale broker disaster relief logistics

We are the world's experts in MREs and combat rations

We can source or produce any MRE to meet any operational needs and specifications, in any quantity. 

Our network works for you

We engage our global network of producers, suppliers, vendors and logistics to source any request and support any operation no matter how big or small.

Customer service tailored to your needs

We can fill any request. Custom menus, ration packs, private label, disaster relief, or any field operations. Halal certified, vegetarian, Kosher, single meal or 24 hour custom MREs are always available to meet your project needs. 

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